UniTrak Desktop Mockup

A Strategic Overhaul Aimed at CRO and Engagement

We began working with UniTrak with a pre-existing website, making ongoing modifications in response to their analytics and additional data sets we put into place. After fine-tuning and expanding in response to such data, and watching steady organic growth and increasing conversion rates – the existing site began to present limitations – both technical, visual and strategic.

We worked with UniTrak to leverage all of the data and forward-momentum gained to strategically re-design and develop a website for UniTrak that would carry over the successes, strip the shortcomings and setup the digital presence for simplified scaling and flexibility.

Now, aside from continuous changes and additions to continue growth, there are new plans on the horizon to continue to expand upon the new digital platform. 

Year 2018
Deliverable CRO
UniTrak Colour Palette
"The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog"
URL www.unitrak.com
UniTrak Mobile Mockup UniTrak Mobile Mockup UniTrak Mobile Mockup