TCC Desktop Mockup

A Digital Experience Expertly Executed and Coordinated

A company built around the slogan “we deliver exceptional results” needs a digital presence that backs the claim. The best way for us to do this was by putting their work at the forefront with large, attention-grabbing imagery and clever navigation.

Unlike many websites we’ve tackled, TCC’s content was very concise, allowing us to boil the site down to only a few core pages. Consequently, we were able to play with navigation more so than usual. For example, the offcanvas experience is tiled full-width, full-height screen. This reduces the visual noise of the page and puts the user into decision-making mode.

To tie together the different sections of the website, we implemented page transitions with large colour blocks. For instance, the red from the company logo corresponds with the service section. Likewise, the black—a dominate colour—goes to contact.

Year 2017
Deliverable E-commerce
TCC Colour Palette
"The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog"
TCC Mobile Mockup TCC Mobile Mockup TCC Mobile Mockup