Gentek Desktop Mockup

An Expansive E-Commerce and Content Machine

When we first met, Gentek recognized that it needed a more effective online presence. The former website failed to highlight the brand’s value and uniqueness. Not to mention, it missed critical engagement opportunities with new and existing traffic.

To help, we proposed a website redesign. The primary focus of the new site would be to distinguish the company from its competitors. In effect, we would improve its online visibility and impact.

As a hardware distributor, this website needed e-commerce functionality. In fact, the company’s catalogue is so vast that we had to develop a custom CSV-importing tool just to facilitate easy changes to the product database. Many of these products are cross-listed by brand and function, requiring a robust product searching, filtering and categorization engine.

Today, our team continues to work with Gentek. It is an ongoing contract through which we optimize the website for conversions and page rank.

Year 2016
Deliverable CRO
Gentek Colour Palette
"The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog"
Gentek Mobile Mockup Gentek Mobile Mockup Gentek Mobile Mockup