FlexPak Desktop Mockup

A Custom, Performant Solution Ready to Take on the Globe

When FlexPak approached us, there were big plans in the working. Not only was it time to look at getting the site up to date from a UX perspective, but there were plans to bolster growth with their digital marketing partner and to look forward at internationalization.

With those plans in mind, we got to work balancing design with usability, custom developing a high-performance and technically proficient build and putting all of the checks and balances in place to allow the solution to scale with the future plans in mind.

With phase one coming off the shelf in the coming weeks, we’re working towards the next steps and excited to expand exposure, increase engagement and amplify conversions.

Year Coming Soon: January 2019
Deliverable Digital Branding
FlexPak Colour Palette
"The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog"
FlexPak Mobile Mockup FlexPak Mobile Mockup FlexPak Mobile Mockup