The Original Coughlan Homes Desktop Mockup

High-Impact Digital Staging for a Beloved Builder

Jerry Coughlan founded the Original Coughlan Homes more than 50 years ago. Since then, he has diversified its portfolio with sundry commercial, rental and industrial properties across Durham and the GTA. To accentuate the company’s strong local presence, Jerry tasked us to construct a website that reflects the brand, its properties, and visions.

The design we devised highlights the company’s rich portfolio. The search tool in the header and home page enables users to sift through property listings and learn about upcoming projects. We focus on navigation within the galleries, too, using filters and categories to pull listings more accurately.

To match the properties with the portfolio’s aesthetic, we chose modern, high-impact visuals. On every page, we use graphic milestones to help users identify sections as they scroll. Said visuals transition onto the page using various animations. In effect, the user notes a sense of endlessness to the page. We leverage that feeling to demonstrate the company’s ever-growing portfolio.

Year 2015
Deliverable E-commerce
The Original Coughlan Homes Colour Palette
"The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog"
The Original Coughlan Homes Mobile Mockup The Original Coughlan Homes Mobile Mockup The Original Coughlan Homes Mobile Mockup