Big City Desktop Mockup

A New Website to Christen a New Brand

Big City Auto Care recently setup shop in Markham—a nearby city to us—and wanted to maximize their business’ launch with a strong online presence for capturing leads, accepting inquiries and directing their customers.

Like many auto care services, descriptions were insufficient for the website’s core pages. We needed rich multimedia to demonstrate the abilities of the shop and its workers. So, Big City provided real photos and videos of work they’ve completed, which we uploaded to the site in an intelligent way.

The gallery module we built allows site administrators to assign pictures to specific services. In turn, Big City can selectively show media on every service page, while also capitalizing on sorting and filtering functionality when showing all photos at once in the gallery.

Year 2017
Deliverable E-commerce
Big City Colour Palette
"The quick brown fox
jumps over the lazy dog"
Big City Mobile Mockup Big City Mobile Mockup Big City Mobile Mockup